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Brendan Brown

Adjunct Fellow

Brendan Brown is a monetary economist whose areas of special expertise include monetarism in theory and practice, Austrian School monetary tradition, European monetary integration, Japanese monetary issues, the global flow of capital, and international financial history.

He has developed unique tools for market analysis and recommendations for investment strategy based on a distillation of monetary economics and including insights from behavioural finance. He has applied these during a long career in international finance including his present role as chief economic adviser to Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International.

He is an Associate Scholar at the Mises Institute (USA).

Brendan Brown has published many books on contemporary finance and financial history. His book The Global Curse of the Federal Reserve (Palgrave, 2011) stirred particular controversy and a new revised paperback edition was published in early 2013. The third edition of his Euro Crash: How Asset Price Inflation Destroys the Wealth of Nations (Palgrave) was published in 2014. Other titles of his previous books include Monetary Chaos in Europe 1914-31 which was re-issued in paperback in June (2012) by Routledge (original issue in 1986). His latest book A Global Plague of Market Irrationality and its Origins in Fed Quantitative Easing is to be published by Palgrave in Summer 2015.

He received a PhD from the University of London, MBA from University of Chicago, MSc from London School of Economics, and an undergraduate degree from Cambridge University.

Dr. Brown is a regular contributor to financial newspapers in Switzerland and Japan and also to Bloomberg and CNBC TV.


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