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John Lee

Senior Fellow (Non-Resident)

Dr. John Lee is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre at the Australian National University, and a Senior Fellow (non-resident) at the Hudson Institute in Washington DC. He is the author of Will China Fail?, released by CIS in 2007 and the second edition in 2009.

One of the foremost experts in Chinese development and the foreign policies of states in East and Southeast Asia, his opinion editorials have been published in over 20 major newspapers around the world, including the Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Guardian, and The Times (UK), The South China Morning Post and Sing Tao Daily in Hong Kong, The Jakarta Post, New Strait Times in Malaysia and Strait Times in Singapore, The Japan Times, Korea Herald, The China Post, in addition to all major newspapers in Australia. His articles have been published in journals such as The National Interest, The American Interest and Forbes. He received his doctorate from University of Oxford.

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