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John H. Shenefield

Adjunct Fellow

Mr. Shenefield, a former senior partner of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, is now Counsel to the firm and is largely retired from the active practice of law. He was engaged in the full-time private practice of law for 40 years. He has also served in the United States Department of Justice as Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Antitrust Division (1977-79), and then as the Associate Attorney General of the United States (1979-81). In addition, he was the Chairman of the President’s National Commission for the Review of Antitrust Laws and Procedures (1978-79).

In addition to supervising all antitrust prosecutions, as Assistant Attorney General Mr. Shenefield was responsible for merger enforcement and the formulation of competition policy. He also guided the Antitrust Division’s relationship with foreign governments and with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, attending meetings of its competition officials as chairman of the U.S. delegation. Mr. Shenefield also supervised a group of celebrated international prosecutions in the uranium and North Atlantic shipping industries, established the Division’s first “leniency” policy, and played an active role in deregulation efforts in the air and surface transportation sectors.

As Associate Attorney General, he presided over all civil litigation handled by the Department of Justice and had supervisory responsibility for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. In addition, he had several responsibilities in the area of intelligence and national security law. He played a role in the presidential findings process for covert actions; helped develop the bill that became the Intelligence Oversight Act of 1980; oversaw some of the electronic surveillance applications under the then-new Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; and was the responsible senior official at the Justice Department involving the temporary prevention of the departure of the Soviet ballerina Ludmilla Vlasova, as well as the 1979 closing of the Iranian Embassy and the disposition of Iranian Embassy officials. He was the Department representative at the daily Situation Room meetings on all aspects of the Iranian hostage crisis. Mr. Shenefield also worked closely with the Civil Division on matters as varied as the Agee and Progressive cases, the settlement in the Agent Orange case and the whole range of Iranian assets litigation. On the academic side, he contributed a chapter to the Moore-Turner case book on national security law that focused on access to national security information (executive privilege, the state secrets doctrine, the Freedom of Information Act and the national security exception, “grey mail” and the Classified Information Procedures Act).

He is the co-author (with Dr. Irwin M. Stelzer) of The Antitrust Laws: A Primer, whose fourth edition was published in 2001 by the American Enterprise Institute. Mr. Shenefield has taught antitrust law at the University of Richmond Law School and the Georgetown Law School. He has written articles on a variety of antitrust topics and spoken frequently on the subject of antitrust law and policy in both the United States and Europe. He also served as a member of the Antitrust Modernization Commission, which made its recommendations to the President and the Congress in 2007.

After returning to private practice in 1981, Mr. Shenefield practiced litigation, criminal and transactional antitrust law in the United States and abroad. Mr. Shenefield also served as chairman of the 1000-plus lawyer firm Morgan, Lewis.

While in private practice, Mr. Shenefield was asked by the United States Government to go to Bucharest and subsequently Moscow to talk with government officials about the concept of the operation of intelligence agencies under policy, legal and budgetary oversight. The Romanian effort culminated successfully in the enactment of a modern democratic intelligence regime. The Russian mission was aborted as the result of an attempted coup against Boris Yeltsin.

Mr. Shenefield has been chairman of the Virginia Racing Commission, chairman of the American Bar Association Committee on Law and National Security, president of the Washington National Cathedral Association, and chairman of the Governing Board of St. Albans School. He was chairman of the governing Chapter of the Washington National Cathedral from 2001 until June 2009.

Mr. Shenefield is a member of the Metropolitan Club (Washington, D.C.), the River Bend Golf and Country Club (Great Falls, Virginia), the Knickerbocker Club (New York City), and the Reform Club (London).

Mr. Shenefield is a graduate of Harvard College (1960), and Harvard Law School (1965). He served in the United States Army Reserve (to the rank of captain).