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Adam G. Lowe

Businesses operating in today’s global and domestic markets face complex challenges. Political, regulatory, and security dynamics can change quickly and decisively, altering strategic outlooks and best laid plans. The work of Hudson Institute, in the tradition of our future-looking founder, Herman Kahn, includes a rich history of partnering with business leaders to navigate and anticipate this constantly evolving environment.

As a non-partisan think tank with a 50-plus-year record of cutting-edge scholarship and policy innovation, Hudson’s mission focuses on promoting American leadership and global engagement for a secure, free, and prosperous future. To support that mission, we have assembled a team of some of the world’s leading thinkers on the key strategic issues of our time. Our experts are deeply experienced, highly knowledgeable, and completely independent—with unconventional viewpoints that distinguish them from the often-static thinking of Washington.

Based on feedback from our longtime corporate partners as well as other members of Hudson’s global stakeholder community, we recently launched our inaugural Corporate Advisory Council. The primary goal of the Council will focus on offering greater collaborations for corporations and trade associations facing complex strategic decisions and who value increased connections, understanding, and engagement with the policymaking process in Washington and globally.

Council members will be afforded unparalleled opportunities to interact and collaborate with Hudson’s leading experts on issues of global significance including international trade, regulation, taxation, defense and national security, diplomatic alliances, health care, the rule of law, and corporate social responsibility.

Since our founding in 1961, policymakers from across the world have recognized Hudson as a key convener of elite, innovative leaders and thinkers spanning government, academia, the military, business, and the non-profit world. Council members will receive many notable benefits including enhanced engagement with Hudson scholars and our global network of external experts, invitations to private events with distinguished political leaders and policymakers, individual subject matter briefings and specially tailored policy analysis and strategic insights.

Because we know each business has unique areas of focus and concern, Hudson can tailor all corporate partnerships to individual members’ business and operational objectives.

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